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Explore the Data

Not the End of the World is filled with charts and data. That's fundamental to the book: I try to understand the world through data and research, not anecdotes or headlines.

In the pages below I've provided some additional resources and interactive versions of charts that are used in the book. I wanted to do this for a few reasons:

  • Explore data for other countries: the charts in the book often show data for one, or a few countries (because I can't show the data for 180+ countries on every chart). But I know that many people will be interested in what's going on in their own country. The interactive charts will let you do that.

  • Transparency: I want my work and sources to be transparent. You should be able to dig into the underlying data to see the methodology, more in-depth definitions, and more. I also want people to be able to track progress over time – the interactive charts should be updated every year or so.

  • Highlight the work of data providers: My work and writing are reliant on the invaluable work of data providers and researchers. They do the hard work; I just explain it. Here, I wanted to give more credit to them – because references at the back of a book always seem a bit underwhelming. To the individuals and projects doing this work: thank you.

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