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Margaret Atwood, TED23

“Not the End of the World is an inspiring data-mine which gives us not only real guidance, but the most necessary ingredient of all: hope . . . practical and truly essential”

Helen Czerski

"A refreshing perspective on the problems that the world faces, providing plenty of optimism while not sugar-coating the deep structural challenges at the root of it all"

Rutger Bregman

“I find it hard to express how much I love this book. Hannah Ritchie brilliantly picks up where Hans Rosling left off. Her book shines with practicality and positivity. It will banish your feelings of doom, help you focus on what’s really important and make you want to be a part of the most effective solutions to our greatest challenges. Let’s get this book into the hands of as many policy makers, politicians and fellow citizens as possible.”

Bill Gates

"With comprehensive data and sometimes counterintuitive conclusions, Hannah Ritchie does for the environment what Hans Rosling did for health . . . I hope people around the world read this book, understand our planet isn’t a lost cause, and get inspired to help fix it."

Tim Harford

“Not the End of the World is an inspiring data-mine which gives us not only real guidance, but the most necessary ingredient of all: hope . . . practical and truly essential”

Johan Norberg

"Some deny there are environmental problems, others deny that we can solve them. Hannah Ritchie reveals that they are both wrong."

David Wallace-Wells

“The climate and environmental crisis now has its Hans Rosling. Hannah Ritchie has charted an invigorating, inspiring, often surprising tour of recent human history and the many marks of progress it contains. Will the world make good on that optimism in the future? That is up to the rest of us.”

Gaia Vince

“A refreshingly upbeat guide to achieving sustainability. Ritchie attacks cynicism, doomerism and apathy with a barrage of data revealing the extent of our progress and illuminating the best paths ahead.”

Tim Spector

"An unmissable myth-busting book to save our planet – read it"

Mark Lynas

“Data is a superpower. Let Hannah Ritchie show you the world as it really is. Then go out and change it for the better.”

Stewart Brand

"Ecopragmatism at its best shines throughout this book. The surprising message in the data is that human civilization is far along toward solving planetary problems. Hannah Ritchie shows how building on the successful trends can finish the job”

Media reviews

Bill Gates: One of three 'holiday reads'

"I can confidently say that Ritchie has done for the environment what Rosling spent his life doing for public health and global development."

John Green: Book Holiday Gift Recommendations

"I love Hannah Ritchie. I love Our World in Data. And I love this book."

The Times

"Written in chatty, lucid prose, this is a book for anyone who finds it difficult to believe in a better future. It’s the most uplifting book I’ve read all year."

Science (Journal)

"Data-driven hope for the planet."


Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Is a Big Lie

New Scientist

Crunching the data on saving the Earth


Not the End of the World – Review

Big Think

Sustainability is humanity’s North Star — and it is within our reach. Environmental progress is happening quickly but we must keep pushing for change.

Kirkus Star

"This book is a refreshing change and, as a call to further action, puts forward a sensible, equitable agenda."

Booksellers review

"If you think the climate crisis is a precursor to the end of the world, think again. Environmental scientist Hannah Ritchie says it helps to look at the data."

The Earthbound Report

"Unlike some authors I could name, Ritchie isn’t out to score points. As with Rosling, this is a book that is enthusiastic about possibilities rather than shaming people for their ignorance."

Climate thoughts with Brian

"Reading new releases which simply confirm your thinking already doesn’t necessarily move you on as an individual in understanding. We all bring our ‘baggage’ and ideologies to bear on all topics, especially environmental ones. We are reminded in this text that multiple contradictory statements can be true simultaneously- even if we find this difficult to accept."

Media coverage

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